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Ever wondered why your tyres prematurely ware, or why when you break the nose of your car drives forward, or when cornering the body feels like it's leaning of tipping over, or the ride seems to be rough or harsh?  Well all of these are signs that something's not right with your suspension. Ensuring the steering and suspension on your car is working properly is not only important for safety reasons, it also enhances the comfort level of your ride. Here at Repco we have a growing range of steering and suspension products as well as a wide range of quality house brands. We stock leading brands such as King Springs, Monroe, KYB, Nolathane and TRW to compliment our exclusive and high quality house brands, Repco and Maxi Trac.

New to Repco!

Repco are proud to have recently released a new and exclusive range of Repco Easy Struts. This Australian Made product contains OE quality components (Coil Springs, Bump Stops, Bushes and Strut Top Mounts), in a fully assembled and ready to install unit.

Installing Repco Easy Struts are quick and easy as there is no need to compress and disassemble old assemblies. Compressing Coil Springs to disassemble a strut tower is not only time consuming but can pose some serious safety issues and risk of personal injury. The Repco Easy Strut assembly, being a fully assembled Strut Tower, removes this safety concern.

Repco Easy Struts are covered by a full 40,000km/ 2 year "No Fault" warranty and represent great value for money!