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At Repco, we have a wide range of parts, tools and items to suit your cars engine. Whether you are tinkering, making repairs, doing a full rebuild or  trying to get more performance from your car, Repco has the product or range that you need.

Our comprehensive range of engine components include:

- Pulleys

- Gaskets

- Engine mounts

- Timing components and kits

- Drive belts and Tensioners

- Harmonic Balancers

- Sump plugs


As well as this, our range includes engine rebuild and performance products that are available to order:

- Engines

- Pistons and Rings

- Bearings

- Oil seals

- Engine repair kits

- Cylinder Heads

- Camshafts

- Valves and Rockers

- Turbo Chargers & Superchargers

Any many more!


Repco stock many major brands including Repco, Gates, Permaseal, Kelpro, Nuline, PowerBond, Nason, FAI, Kiwi Cylinder Heads,  Yella Terra, Crow Cams, Garrett and many more!

Turbo Chargers
Turbo Chargers
Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Heads
Engine Mounts
Engine Mounts
Timing Kits
Timing Kits
Sump Plugs
Sump Plugs
Camshafts and Lifters
Camshafts and Lifters