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Windscreen & Glass Car Care Products

Most domestic glass cleaning products are made for house windows. Repco Eclipse windscreen car care products not only clean effectively but are safe for use on tinted glass and windscreens.


Repco Eclipse Glass Cleaner 750mL

  • Crystal clear results.
  • Streak-free.
  • Quick dry – no hazing.
  • Safe to use on professionally tinted windows.

Handy Hint: For a lint-free finish, use a Repco Glass Cleaning cloth.



Repco Eclipse Glass Cleaning Wipes.

  • Convenient smear and lint-free cleaning.
  • Available in 25 and single packs.



Handy Hint: Convenient and easy to use. Great for those quick glass cleaning jobs. 

Repco Eclipse Windscreen Additive 375mL

  • Improves wiper performance.
  • Delivers solubility of road film, insects and tree sap.
  • Helps maintain crystal clear vision.
  • Ensures a streak and web-free windscreen.

Handy Hints: For best results, regularly clean your windscreen with Repco Eclipse Glass Cleaner. The windscreen and windows should be the last part of your car care routine.