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Exterior Car Care Products

Using the right exterior car care products to wash and polish will not only make your car look it's most impressive, it will maximise the life of your paint which is an important protective coating.

Repco Eclipse Car Wash 2L

  • pH balanced formula – cleans without stripping wax.
  • High foaming suds – effectively penetrates and lifts grease and grime.
  • Easy to rinse.


Handy Hint: Use Repco Eclipse Car Wash with warm to very warm water to soften grim, bugs and tar faster then cold water.

Repco Eclipse Wash & Wax 1L

  • 2 in 1 formulation brightens paint work for regularly washed cars.
  • Fortified with premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax.
  • Contains micronized abrasives – cleans without scratching.
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors – safe on all bare metal, painted glass and synthetic surfaces.


Handy Hint: Wash and wax in the shade, one section/panel at a time to prevent rapid drying and the appearance of water spots.


Repco Eclipse Liquid Wax, 475ml

Professional formulation that delivers exceptional paint cleaning characteristics and deep-gloss finish
  • Cream formulation - Easy buffing on and off.
  • Formulated with micronized abrasive - effectively removes swirl marks and light oxidation.
  • Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax - long lasting, deep-gloss finish.
  • Acrylic Polymer Resins - Long Lasting protection (3 months between application)


Handy Hint: for best results use Repco Eclipse Liquid Wax with an applicator pad and buff off with a soft cotton cloth or microfibre cloth/mitt.