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Fixing a Dent

Shopping List for Dent Removal

1. 36 Grit Fibre Disk
2. Repco Body Filler
3. Repco Wax and Grease Remover
4. 180 Grit Dry Paper
5. Surface Primer or Primer Putty
6. 800 Grit Wet/Dry Paper
7. Repco Acyrlic Matt Black Aerosol

Optional For Fixing a Car Dent
1. Repco Rust Remover & Deoxidiser
2. Hammer & Dolly
3. Repco Spray Putty


Fixing a Dent

  1. If accessible use Hammer and Dolly to tap out as much of the dent as possible. Be sure not to tap the dent out higher than the normal panel line leaving enough room for Repco Body Filler. For a more serious dent first use a Dent Puller to pull the damaged area as close as possible to the original panel line, before using Hammer and Dolly
  2. Grind paint away from dent to at least 100m around the outside of the dent using a 36 grit fibre disk.
  3. Apply Repco Rust Remover and Deoxidiser to any rust evident on the bare metal surface.
  4. Clean panel area to be repaired with Repco Wax and Grease remover to remove contaminants such as tar, waxes and road grime.
  5. Apply Repco Body Filler to cover dented area (Do not apply Body Filler over painted surface). Allow to cure then sand with 180 grit dry paper. Mask surrounding area to avoid overspray.
  6. Apply Repco Surface Primer or Primer Putty 100mm beyond the repair area. Allow to dry and then apply a light guide coat using Repco Acrylic Matt Black aerosol and sand back with 800 grit Wet/Dry paper, For rougher surfaces use Repco Spray Putty between layers of primer, to build up a smooth surface. Next step is the application of the Top Coat Colour.


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