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Bumper Repairs & Car Plastic Repairs

Shopping List

Required Optional

1. Repco Wax & Grease Remover
2. 400 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper
3. Repco Body Filler
4. Repco Spot Putty
5. 320 Grit Sandpaper
6. Repco Bumper Primer
7. 800 Grit Wet/Dry Paper

1. Repco Flexi Prime


Bumper Repairs and Car Plastic Repairs

  1. Clean bumper and other plastic parts with Repco Wax and Grease Remover to remove contaminants.
  2. Sand damaged area with 400 grit WD sand paper (dry sand). Then abrade the entire part with Abrasive hand pads and clean again with Repco Wax and Grease Remover.
  3. Apply Repco Body Filler to scratches and cracks and Repco Spot Putty to minor imperfections, allow to cure and sand with 320 grit dry paper until smooth.
  4. Apply 2 or more medium wet coats of Repco Bumper Primer & allow to dry.
  5. For flexible bumpers and skirts apply Repco Flexi Prime first then apply Repco Bumper Primer.
  6. Sand with 800 grit wet and dry paper (dry sand) until a smooth surface is achieved; you are now ready for Top Coat Colour.


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